Meriam Neds

Meriam Neds was hired right out of high school to work at Ohio Oil as a messenger, running telegrams, twix’s and payroll to the various departments of what we now know as Marathon. It was here she met Joe a pilot for Marathon. He had served as a pilot in the Korean War. He met her and stated, “He had found the right lid for his pot” and they were married for 54 years. She credits communication and having fun for the longevity of their marriage. They never had a cross word for each other and always talked out problems. They were blessed with three children, Ron, Zach and Amy Joe. Ron followed in his dads footsteps and is chief pilot for MPC. They have 6 grandchildren. She is a Buckeyes fan, loves to read, play with her Ipad and laptop and she still drives everywhere at 77 years young.
Her advice to married couples is to respect one another. Her mom and her husbands mom were great role models for her. Her mom taught piano and traveled by horse and buggy while her mother -in -law instilled the need to go to church and have faith.

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