Pauline “Paulie” Streicher

“If I had been told how exciting and wonderful my life would be I would not have believed it.” Pauline “Paulie” Streicher has some amazing stories to tell. She met her husband Jim at a hospital where she was working in Toledo. A coffee date led to 55 years of wedded bliss. Her secret to success in marriage is she got to work side by side with her husband through racing and business endeavors 24/7. They raced quarter midgets and full midgets and hold three national championships as a family. They pit crewed for Mario Andretti and many years ago they rented their garage to a young man just starting out in racing, Jeff Gordon. They had 2 boys and 2 girls and have several grand and one great grand children. It was Jim’s idea to start a printing business in Findlay in 1969 called Streicher’s Quick Print which is still running today. Paulie continued nursing part time in Labor and Delivery while raising her children. Her advice is “If you have a dream hang on to it, don’t give up hope.” At 79 years young she still drives, walks, visits friends, volunteers at the Adult Care Center and just returned from a trip to Akron.

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