Phyllis Fellabaum

We met some wonderful senior citizens at Birchaven. The first is Phyllis Fellabaum who was dressed impeccably and spoke with a quiet strength and had eyes that sparked with life. She was married for 58 years she proudly revealed to Don. Don was a ensign in the Navy and then became a beverage distributor locally for many years.She tells the story of Don giving her 5 days to get a wedding ready as he was assigned to ship out for WWII and was home on a short leave. Phyllis was a SAHM and raised 3 boys. She has 2 grand children. She graduated from FHS and went to Ohio Westlyn for 2 years before she married and settled in to life as a wife and mother. She is 84 yet still drives, walks, see friends. She loves to visit her grandchildren and also spend relaxed time at Panera’s. She used to love to ski and bike and she reads anything she can get her hands on. . Her words of wisdom are to “Just keep going. Try to get through the problems. Don’t quit!” Her mother was her strength and inspiration as she was “sweet and could do anything.”

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