Theresa Kirk

Another classy senior we met at Birchavin is Theresa Kirk who is 88 years young. She moved to Findlay in the 1960’s with her husband Robert who was a Civil Engineer. They began a company called OHM, (Ohio Hygenic) which cleaned up oil, chemical and hazardous spills all over the world. She has 4 sons and 2 daughter who have provided her with 23 grandchildren and 24 great-grand children. She and Robert were married for 67 years and the her secret is, “You have to work at it everyday. It wasn’t easy, You have to make a commitment and stick with it.” She loves to read true historical books, loves watching the news and attending family get-together’s that often number from 50 to 100 people. Words of wisdom to the upcoming youth of today, “You have to work and not have anything handed to you. You will feel better if you earned it.” Her role model in life has been Mother Teresa “who helped everybody and knew no racial boundaries”, something she taught her children to do.

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