Christopher Burrier

Words cannot begin to describe the courage and quiet inspiration this young man exudes. We met Christopher Burrier as he was running by the reservoir practicing for an upcoming 5K. He has completed 10 so far and he is not even 11 yet (June 21st.) Christopher has a liver disease and it has affected his spleen also so he has to avoid contact sports like football, baseball and lacrosse so he put his heart into running. He is on St Mike’s cross-country team. He runs 5-6 miles a week to keep in shape. But he does not complain at all. He smiles as he tells his story. He loves video games, comic books and studying the cosmos. He has two dogs named Tanner and Tucker and a tortoise named Perry. He is single ladies, no girl friends yet. He is a patient at the Cleveland clinic and loves his doctors because they make him feel safe and healthy. This young man has courage and has a liver that may last him another year. He is currently not on a transplant list. He does not want to slow down on life. Just 9 days before his last 5K he was in the ICU when things took a bad turn. He recovered and was up an running again. Keep running young man, you are an inspiration! â€” with Becky Burrier.

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