Brooke Alisha

Words may not be worthy of the journey Brooke and her daughter have taken since they were diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Brooke was a high school senior, a cheerleader when she was discovered to have tumors on her kidneys and was told by the time she reached 30 she would be in a wheel chair. Many people with TSC are limited mentally and physically as the brain is a key area where tumors grow and destroy brain tissue. She was taken to Cinn. Children’s Hospital and was fortunate enough to become part of a drug study group of an oral chemo drug that shrinks the TSC tumors. Not only has she survived she has thrived. Brooke went to beauty school and has been a hair stylist for 11 years, just opened her own salon, is a single mom of two children and is a national spokesperson for the drug company and TSC. She has spoken to Congress three times and will be speaking on a World panel this year. Her daughter Rayne was born with TSC and has had brain surgery to remove a major tumor. The tumor partially remains as it would have threatened her life if they had removed anything further. She is also on the drug and doing well.
Brooke is a native of Findlay. She loves to go to Cedar point with her children, watch her son play baseball and is very close to her family. Her role models are God and her grandmother who was a down to earth, “say it like it is” woman.

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