Destiny Rivera

Sparkling eyes and a great smile are what you see when you meet Destiny Rivera. She is 13 and this past year was diagnosed with advanced stage leukemia. It has been a roller-coaster ride for her and her family but she is about to celebrate her 100th day post blood marrow transplant and appears to be in remission. She spent 86 days in isolation in Columbus Children’s hospital as she underwent transfusions and chemotherapy. She is excited to enter the 9th grade at FHS and begin to see her friends again. She loves math and lunch, music and was in show choir when she was diagnosed. She has 2 brothers and a cat named Marshall. There is not an ounce of self pity in this young lady. She is a girl scout, 2nd year cadet, and is planning her 50 hour service project to help children whose parents are hospitalized, with busy care packages. Her motto is “Day by Day”, as you can never take the future for granted. Her parents are a strength to her and they think she is “beautiful inside and out” and is always thinking of others. See “Team Destiny” on FB.

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