Natalie Steffes

Natalie Steffes is a sweet seven year old with a bright toothless smile! She was recommended by her kindergarten teacher. “She has diabetes and is such a inspiration to all of us, both young and old. She shoots for the stars each and every day. Her constant smile is so contagious. There are not enough words to describe the character of this amazing little girl.” We met her at her home and she told her story of having Juvenile Onset diabetes. She wears a pump 24-7 so she doesn’t have to give herself shots anymore, which her mother said she bravely did. She also does all her sticks to check her levels. Natalie doesn’t let it slow her down . She loves school, and softball . She plays first base on the Findlay U-8 team. She also like to color with crayons and markers. She has a dog named Chloe. She is the only student at Jefferson with JO diabetes and her classmates rallied around her on “Caps for the Cure” day and raised 280 dollars for diabetes research.

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