Aaron Roush

Aaron Roush is a very pleasant, successful Investment agent. He graduated from Ohio University, (Go BobCats!) and recently completed a grueling 2 year course and test that gave him the equivalency of being a CPA ,only in the insurance world. He has been with Northwestern for 12 years and loves his job as a Wealth Management Advisor. But all that is secondary to his family and the support he gives to his wife Courtney who is a 11 year cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at the young age of 20 and told she had 6 months to live. After undergoing brutal radiation therapy she was able to beat the cancer but is now paying the price with debilitating effects from the radiation therapy. Aaron and Courtney have been married 7 years and have 2 children, a daughter and an adopted son. Aaron has cut back on his workload and spends as much time at home as he can to support his wife and to help raise his children. He feels very blessed to be a husband and a dad and for the family bonds he has. All and all he feels his family is blessed and has a very positive outlook for the future. It is heartwarming to hear his positive point of view. There is not a single bit of sympathy or regret, just hope for what the future holds. His motto is “Not that life is too short, we are dead for too long. Live in the moment.” His role model is his boss John Ertz who is inspirational and truly cares about his staff.

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