Beth Wilkins

If you enjoy your job as much a Beth Wilkins does, is it really work? “I love what I do!” “I have a choice and I choose to be here!” And her attitude is contagious as she moves from group to group of senior citizens involved in pinochle, Mahjong, pool , reading, visiting and she calls most by their first name. She is the Program director over all activities at the Agency on Aging (50 North). She also oversees the 300 volunteers that assist the Agency in a wide variety of ways from delivering food to leading physical activities.
She has been there 2.5 year after spending 9 years as a radio personality on Mix 96.7. She is an avid golfer and loves to travel in her free time. She is still on her honeymoon with her husband of 11 years. She is an empty nester with three grown children and a grandbaby. She is in her niche and the senior citizens benefit from her youthful exuberance and dedication to the program. She lives everyday “as if it is my last day.” “I don’t want to miss anything!” Her mother is her “rock” and taught her to be a lady and stand up for herself. Her mother really built her self-esteem.

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