Betty Riley

Betty Riley has had a full and colorful life. You have heard of Rosie the Riveter, well we have Betty the Expediter. During WWII she helped build the P38 Fighter for Lockheed in Burbank California. What started out as a vacation to California with a girlfriend ended up as adventure from 1942-44. Betty is from Findlay and graduated in 1939 from FHS and attended Findlay College for a year and a half. She then went to work for Cooper Tire. Her dad owned a candy shop on Front and Main called the Ole Sweetie Shop and made all his own candies except the chocolates. Betty loved helping him at the store. It was on her vacation from Cooper that she joined the war effort at Lockheed. When Betty returned from California she returned to Cooper and then married a returned disabled Veteran Bill. Bill lost a leg in New Guinea while fighting in WWII. Betty became pregnant and settled down to be a stay home mother to 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Bill passed away at the young age of 61. Betty had worked with her husband in the Veterans office for many years and then at the age of 60 decided on a career change and earned her real estate license and sold houses until she was 75 and loved it. She is still going strong though a knee replacement stopped her playing tennis at 80 years of age. She plays a mean hand of Bridge twice a week at the Senior Center and the Elks Club. She loves time with her family here in Findlay and when her children come to visit. She follows and lives her belief that “You need to enjoy life and be kind to others.” Her parents were her role models, her dad with his incredible work ethic and her mother who raised them well and treated them very good.

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