Bill Wolf Jr.

Wolfie’s Nuts and Bill Wolf Jr. have been landmarks in Findlay since 1992 when he bought out Maggie Phillips and began his adventure with roasting nuts. In 1996 he acquired Totems Nuts and business expanded with better equipment and more space. 1999 came and so did his first website and things literally went “nuts.” (pun intended) Gradually the business boomed to four locations and Bill was stretched to the max. He sold all his stores but one and along with that went the license to use the name Wolfie’s. He currently only runs the Carriage Plaza site but it is quite an operation. He has expanded his business to home brewing supplies for home made beer and ale and for wine making hobbyists also. His nut products have been featured on the Food Network , the Blade, Courier and Better Homes and Garden magazine for their unique way of roasting and coating nuts. They ship to NY, Ohio, Chicago, and KY and have 300 customers in a Nut of the Month club. Sit down with Bill and he can tell you stories of his adventures and Findlay’s over the past 22 years. He is married with 3 children. His motto is “Customers Come First!” His dad and his Uncle Jack have mentored him in life by teaching him lessons of life, to have fun, and to have a good business sense by treating employees well. Stop by and sample the wares or talk shop. My favorite was the Spicy Kakawateez.

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