Brook Hanes

Since it’s changing from Dunkin Donuts to Fort Findlay Donuts in 2001 Brook Hanes has been up long before dawn making between 75 to 300 dozen donuts depending upon the day of the week. They make around 50 different varieties of filled, glazed, frosted and sugar donuts. In addition the business is known for it’s home roasted coffee blends that Brook roasts in a high tech roaster installed in 2003. He produces a minimum of 40 blends with beans from Ethiopia, New Guinea, Brazil, Mexico and Columbia, just to name a few countries. Brook likes to give back to the community by providing roasted blends for fundraisers to groups such as the Metanoia Mission and the Boy Scouts. Fort Findlay is known for being a warm inviting place to get donuts, coffee and just chat. Brook is married to Julie and he has 3 children. They also run a photography business and have been taking pictures for over 17 years. They have a home studio and love shooting wedding together. In his free time Brook likes to mountain bike and spend time with his family as they are quickly growing up! His motto is to “quit resisting, JUST DO IT! He has several role models. His parents taught him his hardworking ethic, his grandfather shared photography with him and he is inspired by the speaker Eric Ferguson of the Metanoia Mission in Nicaragua. And the Bavarian crème donuts are to die for … — with Brook Hanes.

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