Dave Hanson

In 2003 Dave Hanson retired his baton and stepped down after 35 years from being the orchestra director for Findlay City Schools. He taught at the high school, Donnell Middle School and Chamberlin Hills, overseeing students as young as the fourth grade up through seniors in high school. He continues his teaching one day a week at Heidelberg University. He received his Undergraduate degree in Music at BGSU and then completed a Masters degree from the University of Michigan. He continued his education with 30 hours of study including time at the Aspen Music School in Colorado where he studied classical guitar. His high points were when his students would receive a superior ratings at state competitions. His orchestra was also one of 3 in the country chosen to play at the MW National Band Orchestra Clinic. He has also performed in the Lima and Toledo Orchestra. In his spare time Dave loves photography, especially of nature, biking on Rails to Trails, golfing and cross country skiing. He has been married for 33 years to Lori and they have 2 cats named Daphnis and Chloe. Dave believes “You can do anything in life you want once you make up your mind.” His role models have included His high school band and orchestra director Frank Manicetti and his professor in Michigan Lawerence Hurst.

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