Eric Ferguson

After 7 years in Milwaukee building a successful church Eric Ferguson, his wife Kate and their 2 girls have returned to their roots to open a church locally. Starting in October the Movement Church will open its doors at its temporary location at Glenwood Middle School. It will be a very “laid back” “come as you are and regardless of how you believe” ministry trying to find those without a church and those who are lost and searching for a relationship with God. Eric will be the full-time Pastor. He wants the church to be very proactive in community affairs and in serving and helping others in the Findlay area. “A bigger than Sunday church.” He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible Studies from Johnson University in Knoxville TN. He made a life changing decision to accept Christ in high school and has followed this path ever since then. Eric is “very open, generous and a great listener and he uses these skills in his ministry”, according to his nomination. We found that to be true as we spoke. His motto, “Is to do whatever it takes!” In his free time he loves time with his girls, golfing, soccer and listening to people’s stories. His role models are his blue collar parents who raised him to do anything possible to serve others and his wife Kate, who teaches by example humility and caring.

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