Harold and Lillian Mericle

Meet Harold and Lillian Mericle (pronounced Miracles). They are the new kids on the block at Birchhaven having been there just over 6 weeks. They are technically newlyweds as they have only been married for 68 short years. They were high school sweethearts and she waited for him while he served in WWII for 2.5 years in the US Navy. He was stationed the entire time in Okinawa. When he returned they married and his mother was “thrilled to finally have a daughter.” They were blessed with a son and a daughter, 4 grand children and 9 gr-grand children. Harold retired from Columbia gas after 30 years with the pipeline transmission dept. The Mericle’s then moved to Florida for 21 years before family brought them back to our area. They love to travel, going to Europe and other countries. Liilian’s favorite vacation was Hawaii on their 30th anniversary. They also love going on Cruises for the great sites and fabulous food. Harold loves to work with wood and had his own shop for many years making doll houses and tool benches for children.

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