Jennifer Treece

When the YMCA is in need of funds to run it’s numerous programs locally it turns to it’s ace Jennifer Treece to write grants, develop fundraisers like the recent Glow Run and contact donors. She has responsibility to oversee the funding of the both YMCA locations, the Riverside pool, the Child Development center, scholarships and summer camps. Her next big event coming up is the Red, White and Blue 5 and 10K runs. They plan to add a Corporate Challenge Cup to this year’s event. She has been with our Findlay Y for nearly a year after 9 years in Cleveland with the YMCA. She is a proud graduate of Ohio University with a Bach. degree in Recreation Management. Jennifer has been married Alex for 12 years and they have a daughter Phoebe and a son Stevie. In her free time, between the Y and being a mom, she loves to jog, ride bikes and listen to her husband play in his band Athen Ry. She follows a creed that, “puts Christian principles into practice.” She also is guided by the YMCA pillars: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. Her grandmother Janette is a great role model for her.

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