Jenny Ferguson

Jenny Ferguson could be a cheerleader for her job she loves it soooo much! She is the Community Employment Manager of Adult Services for Blanchard Valley Industries Did we mention she loves it! She provides meaningful employment in house for 85 developmentally challenged individual to earn a wage. She also work with the companies in the community to place higher skill-level individuals in positions such as at Lowes Distribution, Kroger’s and Cracker Barrel. She has 112 of her employees integrated into meaningful jobs at this time. She has been at BVI for 12 years, 8 in Human Resources and 4 in her current position. And we quote, ” I love my job, it doesn’t feel like work!” Her passion for her job is contagious to those around her yet she remains humble. She also work in conjunction with the U of F in summer training of her clients to teach different tasks to students transitioning from high school to the adult world in Project Search.
Jenny has been married almost 30 years and has 3 grown children and 4 grandbabies who are the light of her life. She spends her free time camping, boating and in family time activities. Her favorite saying is, “It’s all good!” and by the way she LOVES her job! — with Jenny Bowen Ferguson.

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