Kathy Hinton

Seven years ago Kathy Hinton had her funeral planned. She had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and told it didn’t look good for her. Today she is vibrant and alive and has a party every year to celebrate another year of life. She is the jack of all trades for A-1 Auto here in Findlay, serving as secretary, test driver and keeping the guys in line. Her favorite part of her job is visiting with customers while they are waiting on their cars. Her fellow workers are almost a second family to her as she spends 9 hours a day with them Prior to working at A-1 she was a home care specialist for 14 years and loves it when she is invited to graduations and weddings of children she took care of over the years. She has a wonderful boyfriend of 13 years and 2 grown sons. Kathy has been blessed with 2 granddaughters. She loves to be entertained and goes to concerts that have included headliners Areosmith, Ringo Starr and especially Barry Manilow! She cheers for the Cleveland Indians and likes her trips to Vegas with her girl friends. She has such a cheerful demeanor it is infectious to be around. Her creed is to give back whenever and wherever she can. She encourages other to get mammograms, as they do save lives!

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