Lindy Cook/Holly Blue

What started with a found little cat has evolved into a network on Facebook that has reunited nearly 200 cats, dogs, a peacock and a potbellied pig back home with their owner/families. We met with Lindy (l) and Holly (r) as they met in person for only the second time to discuss their “pet” project , Findlay,Ohio Lost and Found Pets. They are very quiet demure ladies until you get them talking about the effort they put into helping return animals that have run off to their homes. Then their love and passion for animals comes bubbling up.The site they monitor is up 24/7 and has been instrumental in solving pets missing for as long as 9 months and as quickly as several minutes. The moment the picture of a missing pet is uploaded the response they get is tremendous in a virtual neighborhood watch until the missing culprit is found. They are not affiliated with any city, county of private rescue groups but work with all agencies and Vets to identify tags and possible microchips in order to find the rightful owners. Drop by their site to see what words cannot about their effort and results. Their joint motto is “Be a Voice for the Animals.”

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