Lori Anast

For 32 years Lori Anast has been teaching elementary school mostly at Chamberlain Hills. She has been teaching long enough she is seeing children of her previous students in her classes. She teaches 4th grade Language Arts, Reading and Science. She also works closely with the Sign Choir teaching hearing impaired students Signed Exact English sign language. She loves her students and is actively setting her room up for the starting of school in two weeks.

She received her Bachelor in teaching at Masters in Spec. Reading at BGSU. She has been married 31 years and has 4 children all grown and in college. She has two dogs Buddy and Boomer and they have 40 acres to play on. In her free-time she loves to reads and spend time with friends and family. She is also a 41/2 year survivor of breast cancer and her positive approach to it deeply affected students, staff and friends. Lori is a volunteer advisor to the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, a service organization for girls 11-20. Her motto is “It is what it is!” Her parents were role models, married for 57 years, active in church and raised the children in a positive Christian foundation.

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