Nina Parker

Except for the first 3 months of life Nina Parker has lived in Findlay! She was nominated for her cheerful personality, her work in schools as a storyteller and her founding the Black Heritage Library. She retired as a state auditor after 24 years of service. She went to Defiance College and graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She has been married for 35 years to Darnell. They have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. In her free time she loves to travel the world, story-tell, and do reenactments such as Rosa Parks. Her Library has received accolades from the Smithsonian Library and recognition from the State of Ohio. It is quite a beautiful place to visit and is open Tuesday and Thursday evenings and by appointment.
She is also a brain cancer survivor and was given little chance to survive, but believes her faith and prayer has allowed her to endure two surgeries, a month of blindness and treatment over the past 10 plus years. Her motto is “To treat people respectfully, love God, and live life joyfully.” Her role models were her parents who taught her to work hard, care for the young and poor and to be passionate in life. Spend time with Nina and you will feel her strong spirit and feel blessed.

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