Stacey Shaw

Everyday children are removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect and need a place to go. This is when Stacey Shaw’s phone begins to ring and she goes to work. She is the state director for Diversion Foster Care overseeing the Findlay, Cincinnati and Cleveland offices. She is responsible for finding homes for these children, training new foster families, recruiting families to take foster children and overseeing the care of the children as long as they are in the foster system. There are currently nearly 50 children in care locally and approximately 30 homes currently in which to place them.
If you would be interested in being a Foster Parent you need to be 21, have a bedroom for the child or children and pass a background check. There is a 36 hour training class for new foster parents and there is no fee for the training. If you cannot be a full-time parent there is a need for emergency homes for short term placement and for weekend homes to give backup to fulltime families. Stacey would be happy to answer any questions and her number is 419-422-4770.

Stacey has been doing this since 1988 when she started as an intern with Diversion. She received her LCSW from BGSU. She has been married for 20 years and has 2 daughters. In her free time she coaches CYO volleyball and watches her daughters play sports. Her advice to other is “We need to remember the moments not the days.” Look for high points or bright spots in difficult days, because it is the little things that makes a difference. Her Dad provided her with a hardworking, big hearted role model.

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