Sue Mompher

In Webster’s dictionary next to the definition of “humble servant” you will find a picture of Sue Mompher. Sue likes to say she is “just” a behind the scenes person but is a key part of Stonebridge Church feeding 1600 people this past Thanksgiving. In addition she is part of a group that feeds soups to blood donors at Parkview church every other month. Her and her husband started a monthly free dinner in Civitan Park to help the homeless have a warm meal. It has grown to feeding 300-350 people a month. Sue says Ellen Hite is the cook for the 350 meals. A life-long Findlayite Sue and her husband have 6 children, 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. They also have a rescue dog named Bandit. Her mentors include Mary Gault, Marie Jornager and Anamae Raider who she “simply follows in their footsteps.” Her inspiration for all her service is found in Pslams 100,”serve the Lord with gladness.” Thanks Sue for all your sweet service.

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