Susie Malone

Susie Malone was asked to help on a project in 1999 and she never imagined it would bloom to such a wonderful and worthy, yet time consuming adventure. She is one of the guiding lights behind the Dear Friends of Santa, a group in here in the Hancock area that provides opportunities for people to share gifts with those in need. It has grown from approx. 50 people in 1999 to over 3900 helped this past year. They place 34 trees each year and hang ornaments on them that have gifts needed for the less fortunate. They are in places like Marathon and Cooper where they literally take truckloads of presents from these corporations and their employees. They are in a variety of stores, restaurants, malls so that as many people as possible can have an opportunity to serve and share. They have just received assistance from United way to expand their operation. They are all volunteers and have 20-30 volunteers each season to collect the gifts. Even the Post Office is involved by forwarding letters to “Santa” to Susie and her crew. For more information see their website, Her creed to “To see everyone smile.” Susie also spends time as a ordained minister, a member of Kiwanis and Civitan. She is married to David and they have 3 children though one daughter passed away at 23 from cancer. They have 6 grandchildren and one great grandbaby on the way. Her role model is her mother who had a big heart made of gold and was very funny.

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