Toby Weeks

When Toby Weeks isn’t making 20 dozen killer tasting cupcakes at a time for a wedding she is responsible for hiring happy people at Kroger’s. She has been in the grocery business for 20 years with the last 11 on 6th street. She has a perpetual smile and is quick to emphasize how “blessed” she is. She is a cancer survivor. It was discovered by accident when she was being prepped for knee replacement surgery and is a type last seen by local doctors back 30 years ago. She is recovering and doing well. She believes “God put her here to help people” and she looks for every opportunity to serve others. She has been married for 39 years to the love of her life and has 2 grown daughters. She has three furry “children”, Pita, Rocky and Miss Kitty. In her free time she likes Bingo, cross-stitch, FB, and socializing with her many friends. She loves spending time in her newly renovated kitchen baking goodies. Her motto was on the shirt she was wearing. “Too blessed to be stressed.” We left feeling blessed for having met her.

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