Tonya Lea Rozelle

Tonya Lea Rozelle believes in “Living a life with no regrets” and she is living a full life to do just that. She is an office manager at a local State Farm agency and loves being the first contact a person meets when in need. She has been a photographer and worked 12 plus years at Whirlpool. She is very active in her church where she teaches Sunday School, is in the choir and plays a number of roles in the annual Christmas play. She likes passionate causes and making connection such as the Micheal Terrian group that attempts to assist victims of bullying before it is too late. She wants to stop victimology and empower those being bullied with strength and hope. She loves theater, enjoys travel, as she is a “nomad by nature.” Tonya also spends time with her nephew/godson with soccer Her parents are her role model and they taught her to be accepting and to love others. Her Great Grandmother Rozelle gets a shout out for her lasting impression on Tonya. She was loving, happy and never met a stranger.

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