Marty Williams

He has worn many hats in his colorful life, Marty Williams has. First he spent 23 years in the Army with most of the time being assigned to White House Communication Corp providing intelligence for the President and Vice President. He traveled all over the world, having to be ready to leave on a two hour notice. His last 13 years he was tasked to the Vice President. Marty retired as a Master Sgt. in 1998 with Al Gore being his last V. P.

He returned to our area and began his second career as a Multiple Handicapped Special Education teacher. He completed his Education degree at BGSU. He has been fulfilling this role which he loves for 13 years. In his early years, Marty starred in plays in school. From a lead role in kindergarten to leads in high school musicals he has been on the stage in some capacity for most of his life. He has acted, been part of the Tech Crew, and directed many plays. In Findlay, at the Fort Findlay Playhouse, he has acted in at least one show a year, playing the lead in Fiddler on the Roof as his last major role. He directed the Titanic this past year which was a huge success. In addition he plays a background role serving as the Past President of the Board of Trustees and sits on the Ohio Theatre Association committee as 1st Vice president.

Marty has been married for 13 years and he and his wife share 6 children and 9 grandchildren. With five shows a year and supporting the Youth theatre as well there is little free time for Marty. His favorite quote comes from his years at the White House, “Don’t shoot the Messenger.” His role models are the late President Ronald Regan who was the ideal American and John Wayne. 

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