Nathaniel Hill

Wow! Spend 10 minutes with Nathaniel Hill, the magician, and you will be in awe at his card trick ability. Using both cards and his cell phone he will amaze you in his ability to create an illusion or slight of hands that will blow your mind. He has been creating magic since he was 4 years old. A hearing impairment left him struggling to communicate so he turned to magic tricks to get his message to his parents and others.

As speech therapy helped him develop communication skills he turned to cards and started doing magic acts for friends and family. He told his teacher in the second grade at St Michael’s that while others wanted to be doctors and astronauts he wanted to be a magician. These days he can be found at birthday parties, corporate events, dinner parties and even wedding receptions plying his mystical trade. He expanded his act in 2000 in honor of his hero Harry Houdini, to include escaping from a straight-jacket. Originally he was standing but in order to bring more excitement to the act, he has perfected getting out of the jacket while being hung upside down form the ceiling or a lift crane.

He has performed at Ali’s, Wooley Bully’s, Nino’s and other venues and sets a time limit to get out while being cheered on by the crowds. He also has added being tied up with a rope outside of the jacket. When he is not doing magic with cards he is doing magic with computers, cleaning up viruses, repairing, updating etc. in his company, Computer Services of Nathaniel. Nathaniel turns to music of all kinds when he wants to “escape” from life. He likes to dress in red so is easily identified. He loves drama and was involved in it while in high school at FHS.

His motto or goal is, “To bring back wonder you had as a kid growing up.” I want you to forget life for a moment in time and be suspended in disbelief.” His hero is David Copperfield who he got to meet at one of his major performances See Less

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