Bruce Boguski

In 1966, while a freshman in college, Bruce Boguski was struck by a drunk driver and left with a broken neck. He was told he would never walk again, when he awoke from a three week coma. A night nurse took him under her wing and strong willed him to not only live and thrive but to overcome. Ten months later Bruce walked from the hospital. He has since been blessed to be a racquetball champ, a top golfer, a multi-sport coach, a singer, an author and president of his own motivational company. Today he teaches what he learned from that nurse and life experience to schools, students, sales people, teachers athletes and more. He follows a three pronged plan, which is to have an unshakable belief, visualize success and develop an ability to regroup when all does not go as planned. Bruce completed a double major at BGSU in Education and Business. He taught grades 9-12 until the staff was reduced due to funding so he is a practiced teacher and uses a classroom style to get people motivated or as he calls it, to get them “Ignited.” Hear him speak and you will understand. . Bruce is also a 3 year cancer survivor and believes strongly his attitude helped him overcome it. He has a son and daughter. His motto is ,”I would rather regret the things I did, rather than regret the things I didn’t do.” Tony Robbins is his mentor because of his energy, enthusiasm and great programs.

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