Christine Casteel

When our washer decided to quit doing it’s job we called an appliance repair company and waited for the burly repairman to come and fix it. We were mildly surprised when Christine Casteel answered our repair call. She was nice, petite, neatly groomed and she was a girl! Turns out she knows her stuff.

Very businesslike, Christine went right to work, disassembled our washer, found the problem and was on her way. She was quick, professional and very polite. I am always looking for role models for my daughters and granddaughters in the man’s world we live in and Christine definitely breaks the mold.

She graduated from Findlay High School and went to work in a factory. After that she was hired at WC Woods where she worked in their service department and doing line repairs throughout the assembly process for eight years. When Whirlpool absorbed the company, Christine attended Owens taking mechanical classes. Four and a half years ago she applied at Mr. Appliance and was hired. After working with her trainer and learning OJT they turned her loose. She has excelled and this past year in San Antonio this national company named her the Service Professional of the Year!

Christine enjoys her job, meeting new people and facing new challenges every day. She likes being a role model for other women in a traditionally man’s field. She loves to read and ride bikes in her spare time. She has two children, a son 20, and a daughter fifteen years old. She has a dog named Ginger.

Christine’s mantra in life is, “try to see all sides of things and don’t dwell on the past.” Her role models are her older brothers Steve and Jerry who have always been there to help. She says “it is a very good feeling find your niche in life.”

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