Dakota Dishong

There still is hope for our youth. I met Dakota Dishong and was immediately impressed with him. He looked me in the eye, gave me a firm handshake and called me “sir”.

This fine young man was nominated for his work ethic and it is well deserved. He has worked for USA Lawn and Landscape for 4 years and is a top employee. He installs lawns, patios, retaining walls and more and does it with pride. He treats each project as if it were his own home. Dakota is hardworking, diligent and has a lot of respect for people. He learned hard work from being raised on a farm and growing crops including hay. Anybody who has bucked hay in a barn will understand.

He is new to Findlay, having moved here a year ago with his girlfriend Kylie. They just were blessed with the arrival of a baby boy seven weeks ago named Connor. His motto is “To be the best you can be. Don’t be someone you are not. His role model is Tom Best, his best friends dad. He was a farmer and taught Dakota everything about work. Today is Dakota’s birthday so give him a happy shout out! 

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