Dave Sharrer

After 41 years Dave Sharrer is hanging up his apron and leaving behind the legacy we know as Dietsch’s Ice Cream. He will be the last of the original crew to work with the three brothers who ran the number 2 ice cream store in the country. Dave is a life long resident of Findlay having graduating in 1971 from Findlay High School.

Dave started out mowing lawns and shoveling snow to earn money. When he turned sixteen he was told to get a real job. Dave was very proud when he interviewed and was hired in 1974 at the starting wage of one dollar per hour at the ice cream store. He worked with them all through high school. Dave left Dietsch’s to manage LK restaurants for three years. When the brothers opened the second Dietsch’s location, Dave was hired to manage that location.

He is fondly known as “Muskie” as all the workers at Dietsch’s had nicknames. Things have stayed mainly the same over the years, Quality homemade candy and ice cream along with a dedication to customer satisfaction have kept the store busy. Dave loves his employees and teaches them a work ethic that they can take anywhere in life and be successful. Dave says a “loyal cliental is their greatest asset.” He is currently dishing ice cream for grandchildren of children he served when he first started.

Dave has been married to Lala for 42 years. They met at Dietsch’s. They have a daughter and two sons. They also have a dog named Max. He plans to travel the country with his wife after he retires.

His lifelong creed has been, “The customer is the most important person in the store.” His role models were the Dietsch brothers, Bud, Johnny and Snitz. You will be missed Dave. 

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