Flick Triplets

These three young ladies are the youngest Findlayites we have featured. Kami, Keeley and Kiley are identical triplets born just five months ago. Kiley and Keeley weighed just over two pounds and spent two months at UT Children’s hospital. Kami was the smallest and weighed a mere 1.1 pounds and stayed 106 days at the hospital. All three are home and thriving while on special diets and heart monitors. The triplets join older sibling, two year old Kenley.

Their parents, Haley Hassan and David Flick, have been together for seven years and welcome the additions with open arms though surprised as they were not on fertility medications. They met while working at Lowe’s Distribution center. The financial burden had been daunting as Hailey was both laid up for much of her maternity and now is as expected is a full time stay at home mom to her little brood. The family is greatly supported by family who give time and energy to support them. They are working for a way to get a van to travel as a family but cost of diapers and special formula has depleted their funds so they have just enough for the basics.

It is obvious they love their little girls as dad and mom were both brooding over the babies and sharing arms and laps for the girls. 🙂 Haley’s sister Chelsie has been the greatest support.

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