Kimberly Nicole

When Kimberly Nicole is not studying Chemical Engineering at Purdue where she is a senior, she is usually found at Linda’s Dance Studio teaching young girls ballet. She has been dancing here since she was four years old and is skilled at ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics which she also dabbles in at Purdue. She just had her 17th recital this year. She loves teaching ballet, pointe and gymnastics to her young students.

She has loved science since she was in 7th grade at St Michaels. She went to an all girls summer camp and fell in love with science. She looks forward to graduating and is interning currently with ABS here in Findlay.

In her free time she loves creating choreography, reading fiction, listening to music and hanging out with Strudel, her Burmese Mountain dog. She has one younger brother.

Her creed is, “Why walk when you can dance!” She teaches her student, “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.” Her parents and Linda have been her role models, always encouraging her, supporting since she was a little girl.

(Kimberly is pictured with two of her students, (l) Emma Bower, who is 13 and has been dancing for six years, and (r)Sophie Wohl who has danced for two years and is 14.)

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