Sarah Foltz

Meet Sarah Foltz, the Events Director for the Arts Partnership here in Findlay. Their goal is to educate, enrich and entertain the community with events such as “Boogie on Main”, the Rib-off and the Performing Arts series. She enjoys bringing new events to the community.

Sarah is “Oiler Strong”, having graduated in May from the University of Findlay with a degree in Public Relations. She did her sophomore internship at the U of F bringing events to the campus and fell in love with it. She was able to come directly to the Arts Partnership after graduation. She is very excited about the Marathon Arts building expansion at the old Central Middle school site.

Sarah is a musician having played the trumpet with her family of musicians. She loves photography especially taking pictures from different views and perspectives. You can see some of her work at 216 S Main, part of the store front project. In her free time she loves concerts of all genres but leans a little to rock because of her musician dad.

She likes road trips, attending festivals and has studied in London and Paris. Her role model is her grandfather who played the jazz clarinet and was the “musician” of the family. He encouraged the family to play together and always supported her in her academic, music and arts adventures.

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