Sean Swisher

Sean Swisher, the FHS Tennis coach, recieved the largest nomination we have received so far, as the entire team nominated him! He has been with the program for seven years and the head coach for four years.

He is a graduate of FHS and the University of Cincinnati earning a Bachelors degree in Finance and Management. Sean went on to earn his Master’s degree from the U of F. He played high school tennis and competes in competitive tennis in the USTA at the 4.5 level.

Sean has a passion for the kids on and off the court. He has 24 girls on his teams ranging from freshman to seniors. He believes they will be very competitive this year, since all his starters returned.

Here is how his players describe him: “He helps us with tennis, with growing as a person, and any other problems we might have. He is a great listener. He helps in any way he can. ”

Sean is married and has three children. He loves sports, tennis and family time watching movies. His role model is his family and Roger McGabb who instilled the “no quit”, hard work ethic in him. His motto is to “Fight to the end and never say die.”

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