Dakota Dishong

There still is hope for our youth. I met Dakota Dishong and was immediately impressed with him. He looked me in the eye, gave me a firm handshake and called me “sir”.

This fine young man was nominated for his work ethic and it is well deserved. He has worked for USA Lawn and Landscape for 4 years and is a top employee. He installs lawns, patios, retaining walls and more and does it with pride. He treats each project as if it were his own home. Dakota is hardworking, diligent and has a lot of respect for people. He learned hard work from being raised on a farm and growing crops including hay. Anybody who has bucked hay in a barn will understand.

He is new to Findlay, having moved here a year ago with his girlfriend Kylie. They just were blessed with the arrival of a baby boy seven weeks ago named Connor. His motto is “To be the best you can be. Don’t be someone you are not. His role model is Tom Best, his best friends dad. He was a farmer and taught Dakota everything about work. Today is Dakota’s birthday so give him a happy shout out! 

Bruce Boguski

In 1966, while a freshman in college, Bruce Boguski was struck by a drunk driver and left with a broken neck. He was told he would never walk again, when he awoke from a three week coma. A night nurse took him under her wing and strong willed him to not only live and thrive but to overcome. Ten months later Bruce walked from the hospital. He has since been blessed to be a racquetball champ, a top golfer, a multi-sport coach, a singer, an author and president of his own motivational company. Today he teaches what he learned from that nurse and life experience to schools, students, sales people, teachers athletes and more. He follows a three pronged plan, which is to have an unshakable belief, visualize success and develop an ability to regroup when all does not go as planned. Bruce completed a double major at BGSU in Education and Business. He taught grades 9-12 until the staff was reduced due to funding so he is a practiced teacher and uses a classroom style to get people motivated or as he calls it, to get them “Ignited.” Hear him speak and you will understand. . Bruce is also a 3 year cancer survivor and believes strongly his attitude helped him overcome it. He has a son and daughter. His motto is ,”I would rather regret the things I did, rather than regret the things I didn’t do.” Tony Robbins is his mentor because of his energy, enthusiasm and great programs.

Mark & Kim Kinter

Love abounds and has multiplied greatly in the past couple of years at the Mark and Kim Kintner home. They adopted 4 children from Haiti in 2010 and 3 children from Ohio this past year. They have been married for 10 years after having met at BGSU. Mark is a Computer Supervisor Engineer after getting an Engineering degree from Bowling Green. Kim studied at Bowling Green and then was inspired to enter the ministry serving both at the college and in youth ministry.

In 2007 they decided to adopt and started a three year long journey to bring four children home from Haiti. As time dragged on, a natural disaster occurred and helped expedite the process. Kim was able to fly to Haiti and become an escort for not just her four new children but also 41 other children bringing them to Miami. Their children have adapted well and attend school here in Findlay. They expanded with a three sibling group this year and that adoption is nearly finalized.

Their family of nine have kids in school from preschool to 7th grade and the kids are involved on volleyball, football, soccer, track and cheer. In their limited free-time the family enjoys parks, playgrounds and their animals, 2 dogs, a cat and 2 fish.

Mark and Kim are very grateful to the community, church and employers for their amazing support during the adoption process and bringing their new children home.

Kim is in the process of writing a book about the journey and it is titled “The Stained Glass Family.” Their collective motto is to “Love God, love others.” Mark’s hero is his wife Kim with her dreams and willingness to help others. Kim give cudos to the Warner family who taught her about God and loving others selflessly and the Baker family who gave her a home with love when she was younger.

Lori Foster

Lori Foster is a transplant from Cincinnati. She came with her high school sweetheart Larry, to whom she has been married for 25 years, when he was hired by Marathon. Lori graduated from the Cinncinnati School of Nursing and spent five years as a neonatal nurse serving the little ones.

When she became a mother she left the profession and became a SAHM. She has three children, a daughter and a set of fraternal twins who all leave the nest this month. Lori is already planning on remodeling the home after 15 years of kids and a menagerie of animals that includes, 2 basset hounds, 7 cats, a rabbit, a tortoise a snake and some fish. She calls it her virtual “petting zoo.”

Lori has spent many years as a kindergarten aide and is ready for the school year to start. Her passion, second only to her family is acting and since 1991 she has served in many roles at the Fort Findlay Playhouse. Her favorite roles have been one of the Hot Box girls in Guys and Dolls and Frankie in Dearly Beloved. She also helps with staging lighting and is a past president of the association.

In her extra time she follows all three children in theatre, does jigsaw puzzles, cross stitch and supports Larry as he plays trombone in the Findlay Civic Band. She loves to travel especially when it involves Barry Manilow. Prior to his retirement she had seen him in 150+ shows. They also love Disneyworld.

Her motto is “This too shall pass.” She is described as a “positive Pollyanna” as it takes a lot to get her down. Her favorite role model is Kathy Hinton who showed great courage and heart in her cancer battle.

Nathaniel Hill

Wow! Spend 10 minutes with Nathaniel Hill, the magician, and you will be in awe at his card trick ability. Using both cards and his cell phone he will amaze you in his ability to create an illusion or slight of hands that will blow your mind. He has been creating magic since he was 4 years old. A hearing impairment left him struggling to communicate so he turned to magic tricks to get his message to his parents and others.

As speech therapy helped him develop communication skills he turned to cards and started doing magic acts for friends and family. He told his teacher in the second grade at St Michael’s that while others wanted to be doctors and astronauts he wanted to be a magician. These days he can be found at birthday parties, corporate events, dinner parties and even wedding receptions plying his mystical trade. He expanded his act in 2000 in honor of his hero Harry Houdini, to include escaping from a straight-jacket. Originally he was standing but in order to bring more excitement to the act, he has perfected getting out of the jacket while being hung upside down form the ceiling or a lift crane.

He has performed at Ali’s, Wooley Bully’s, Nino’s and other venues and sets a time limit to get out while being cheered on by the crowds. He also has added being tied up with a rope outside of the jacket. When he is not doing magic with cards he is doing magic with computers, cleaning up viruses, repairing, updating etc. in his company, Computer Services of Nathaniel. Nathaniel turns to music of all kinds when he wants to “escape” from life. He likes to dress in red so is easily identified. He loves drama and was involved in it while in high school at FHS.

His motto or goal is, “To bring back wonder you had as a kid growing up.” I want you to forget life for a moment in time and be suspended in disbelief.” His hero is David Copperfield who he got to meet at one of his major performances See Less

Marty Williams

He has worn many hats in his colorful life, Marty Williams has. First he spent 23 years in the Army with most of the time being assigned to White House Communication Corp providing intelligence for the President and Vice President. He traveled all over the world, having to be ready to leave on a two hour notice. His last 13 years he was tasked to the Vice President. Marty retired as a Master Sgt. in 1998 with Al Gore being his last V. P.

He returned to our area and began his second career as a Multiple Handicapped Special Education teacher. He completed his Education degree at BGSU. He has been fulfilling this role which he loves for 13 years. In his early years, Marty starred in plays in school. From a lead role in kindergarten to leads in high school musicals he has been on the stage in some capacity for most of his life. He has acted, been part of the Tech Crew, and directed many plays. In Findlay, at the Fort Findlay Playhouse, he has acted in at least one show a year, playing the lead in Fiddler on the Roof as his last major role. He directed the Titanic this past year which was a huge success. In addition he plays a background role serving as the Past President of the Board of Trustees and sits on the Ohio Theatre Association committee as 1st Vice president.

Marty has been married for 13 years and he and his wife share 6 children and 9 grandchildren. With five shows a year and supporting the Youth theatre as well there is little free time for Marty. His favorite quote comes from his years at the White House, “Don’t shoot the Messenger.” His role models are the late President Ronald Regan who was the ideal American and John Wayne. 

Patsy Hendricks

Call Blanchard Valley Pediatrics and you will hear the cheerful voice of Patsy Hendricks. She is the Front-end Manger and has been with the office for 26 years. She started out as the receptionist in 1988. She does the scheduling, answers phones, does some coding and dishes out smiles to everyone who comes into the office. She is amazed at the difference in technology over the years that has taken her from paper and pencil to computers. She has been married for 37 years, has two grown children and two grandbabies. She loves to travel especially to Disneyworld and spend time with the family. She is a Findlayite and graduated from FHS. She puts a lot of credit of her abilities in the scripture Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She makes it her role to make everyone’s day a little better. She was taught by Sandy Musson that whatever brought the child and parent in that day is the most important thing of the day for them.

Stacey Shaw

Everyday children are removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect and need a place to go. This is when Stacey Shaw’s phone begins to ring and she goes to work. She is the state director for Diversion Foster Care overseeing the Findlay, Cincinnati and Cleveland offices. She is responsible for finding homes for these children, training new foster families, recruiting families to take foster children and overseeing the care of the children as long as they are in the foster system. There are currently nearly 50 children in care locally and approximately 30 homes currently in which to place them.
If you would be interested in being a Foster Parent you need to be 21, have a bedroom for the child or children and pass a background check. There is a 36 hour training class for new foster parents and there is no fee for the training. If you cannot be a full-time parent there is a need for emergency homes for short term placement and for weekend homes to give backup to fulltime families. Stacey would be happy to answer any questions and her number is 419-422-4770.

Stacey has been doing this since 1988 when she started as an intern with Diversion. She received her LCSW from BGSU. She has been married for 20 years and has 2 daughters. In her free time she coaches CYO volleyball and watches her daughters play sports. Her advice to other is “We need to remember the moments not the days.” Look for high points or bright spots in difficult days, because it is the little things that makes a difference. Her Dad provided her with a hardworking, big hearted role model.

Dave Hanson

In 2003 Dave Hanson retired his baton and stepped down after 35 years from being the orchestra director for Findlay City Schools. He taught at the high school, Donnell Middle School and Chamberlin Hills, overseeing students as young as the fourth grade up through seniors in high school. He continues his teaching one day a week at Heidelberg University. He received his Undergraduate degree in Music at BGSU and then completed a Masters degree from the University of Michigan. He continued his education with 30 hours of study including time at the Aspen Music School in Colorado where he studied classical guitar. His high points were when his students would receive a superior ratings at state competitions. His orchestra was also one of 3 in the country chosen to play at the MW National Band Orchestra Clinic. He has also performed in the Lima and Toledo Orchestra. In his spare time Dave loves photography, especially of nature, biking on Rails to Trails, golfing and cross country skiing. He has been married for 33 years to Lori and they have 2 cats named Daphnis and Chloe. Dave believes “You can do anything in life you want once you make up your mind.” His role models have included His high school band and orchestra director Frank Manicetti and his professor in Michigan Lawerence Hurst.

Eric Ferguson

After 7 years in Milwaukee building a successful church Eric Ferguson, his wife Kate and their 2 girls have returned to their roots to open a church locally. Starting in October the Movement Church will open its doors at its temporary location at Glenwood Middle School. It will be a very “laid back” “come as you are and regardless of how you believe” ministry trying to find those without a church and those who are lost and searching for a relationship with God. Eric will be the full-time Pastor. He wants the church to be very proactive in community affairs and in serving and helping others in the Findlay area. “A bigger than Sunday church.” He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible Studies from Johnson University in Knoxville TN. He made a life changing decision to accept Christ in high school and has followed this path ever since then. Eric is “very open, generous and a great listener and he uses these skills in his ministry”, according to his nomination. We found that to be true as we spoke. His motto, “Is to do whatever it takes!” In his free time he loves time with his girls, golfing, soccer and listening to people’s stories. His role models are his blue collar parents who raised him to do anything possible to serve others and his wife Kate, who teaches by example humility and caring.