Lori Anast

For 32 years Lori Anast has been teaching elementary school mostly at Chamberlain Hills. She has been teaching long enough she is seeing children of her previous students in her classes. She teaches 4th grade Language Arts, Reading and Science. She also works closely with the Sign Choir teaching hearing impaired students Signed Exact English sign language. She loves her students and is actively setting her room up for the starting of school in two weeks.

She received her Bachelor in teaching at Masters in Spec. Reading at BGSU. She has been married 31 years and has 4 children all grown and in college. She has two dogs Buddy and Boomer and they have 40 acres to play on. In her free-time she loves to reads and spend time with friends and family. She is also a 41/2 year survivor of breast cancer and her positive approach to it deeply affected students, staff and friends. Lori is a volunteer advisor to the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, a service organization for girls 11-20. Her motto is “It is what it is!” Her parents were role models, married for 57 years, active in church and raised the children in a positive Christian foundation.

Findlay Young Professionals

Ran into a group of young people at Ali’s the other night. They introduced themselves as the board members of the Findlay Young Professionals. Intrigued we talked a bit. They are a group of 100+ professional people trying to make a difference in Findlay by mentoring other professionals, serving the community and providing young thinking leadership. (The picture does not do justice but here are the members)BR left Weston Reinbolt,-Connect Chair, Blake Tucker-Lead Chair, Chris Lofquist- At Large Board, Nicholas Brunotte-Treasurer, Andrew Rahrig-President. FR left Jaclyn Hecker-Vice President, Andrea Kramer-Past President, Lien Hang-At Large Member, Suzie Reineke-Secretary. See FindlayYP.com for more info on this energetic group. Their motto is to “Connect, Serve, and Lead.” — with Weston ReinboltJaclyn Bible HeckerBlake TuckerAndrea Anni KramerSuzie Reineke and Nicholas Brunotte.

Brook Hanes

Since it’s changing from Dunkin Donuts to Fort Findlay Donuts in 2001 Brook Hanes has been up long before dawn making between 75 to 300 dozen donuts depending upon the day of the week. They make around 50 different varieties of filled, glazed, frosted and sugar donuts. In addition the business is known for it’s home roasted coffee blends that Brook roasts in a high tech roaster installed in 2003. He produces a minimum of 40 blends with beans from Ethiopia, New Guinea, Brazil, Mexico and Columbia, just to name a few countries. Brook likes to give back to the community by providing roasted blends for fundraisers to groups such as the Metanoia Mission and the Boy Scouts. Fort Findlay is known for being a warm inviting place to get donuts, coffee and just chat. Brook is married to Julie and he has 3 children. They also run a photography business and have been taking pictures for over 17 years. They have a home studio and love shooting wedding together. In his free time Brook likes to mountain bike and spend time with his family as they are quickly growing up! His motto is to “quit resisting, JUST DO IT! He has several role models. His parents taught him his hardworking ethic, his grandfather shared photography with him and he is inspired by the speaker Eric Ferguson of the Metanoia Mission in Nicaragua. And the Bavarian crème donuts are to die for … — with Brook Hanes.

Rick Shick

We shanghaied our Lays chip driver Rick Shick to make sure he delivered our Salt and Vinegar chips! Rick has been starting his days at 4am for 15 years servicing stores in the Findlay area. He is a Findlayite and will be attending his 35th class reunion at FHS this year. He loves his job, the interacting with people and that everyday is different. His second profession is officiating basketball and softball for the past 12 years. He refs 100 plus games a year between the two sports. He is a 4 year navy vet serving in Mississippi, Puerto Rico and a remote location with the SeaBee unit he was assigned to. He has a daughter who is grown. He studied for 2 years at a community college in W. Virginia during his early years. In his free time away from work he runs softball leagues. His motto is “Winners never quit and Quitters never win.” His mom is his role model for her hardworking work ethic. — with Rick Shick.

Roseanna Auxter

Roseanna Auxter is described as a bundle of energy and personality. We found that to be true as she was multitasking at the grand-opening of Gabes. From setting up shop, to driving the van, to interviewing folks and saying hi to fans she was a virtual butterfly to follow. She has been at WKXA for 7 years now, is the afternoon DJ and is the Promotions Director. She went to the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in Cleveland and was blessed to land the job at 100.5 right after school. She describes her self as a country girl. When she has time she is moving, likes bon fires, hanging with friends and painting. She is engaged and has a cat her fiancé named Stinky. Her mantra is “Stay positive, it makes life better.” Mom, who taught her to be independent and proud of who she is and her Grand Mother Margaret who was always kind and positive to others, are her role models.

Kathy Hinton

Seven years ago Kathy Hinton had her funeral planned. She had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and told it didn’t look good for her. Today she is vibrant and alive and has a party every year to celebrate another year of life. She is the jack of all trades for A-1 Auto here in Findlay, serving as secretary, test driver and keeping the guys in line. Her favorite part of her job is visiting with customers while they are waiting on their cars. Her fellow workers are almost a second family to her as she spends 9 hours a day with them Prior to working at A-1 she was a home care specialist for 14 years and loves it when she is invited to graduations and weddings of children she took care of over the years. She has a wonderful boyfriend of 13 years and 2 grown sons. Kathy has been blessed with 2 granddaughters. She loves to be entertained and goes to concerts that have included headliners Areosmith, Ringo Starr and especially Barry Manilow! She cheers for the Cleveland Indians and likes her trips to Vegas with her girl friends. She has such a cheerful demeanor it is infectious to be around. Her creed is to give back whenever and wherever she can. She encourages other to get mammograms, as they do save lives!

Jenny Ferguson

Jenny Ferguson could be a cheerleader for her job she loves it soooo much! She is the Community Employment Manager of Adult Services for Blanchard Valley Industries Did we mention she loves it! She provides meaningful employment in house for 85 developmentally challenged individual to earn a wage. She also work with the companies in the community to place higher skill-level individuals in positions such as at Lowes Distribution, Kroger’s and Cracker Barrel. She has 112 of her employees integrated into meaningful jobs at this time. She has been at BVI for 12 years, 8 in Human Resources and 4 in her current position. And we quote, ” I love my job, it doesn’t feel like work!” Her passion for her job is contagious to those around her yet she remains humble. She also work in conjunction with the U of F in summer training of her clients to teach different tasks to students transitioning from high school to the adult world in Project Search.
Jenny has been married almost 30 years and has 3 grown children and 4 grandbabies who are the light of her life. She spends her free time camping, boating and in family time activities. Her favorite saying is, “It’s all good!” and by the way she LOVES her job! — with Jenny Bowen Ferguson.

Jolene Mintey

Jolene Mintey loves life, her motorcycle and her cause and with those three loves she is touching lives. Jolene is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and celebrates that by sponsoring a motorcycle run each year that collects money to fund mammograms for those that couldn’t otherwise afford them. What started out with 30 bikes and riders this past month it grew to 141 bikes and 84 passengers. It is quite the event with a priest blessing the bikes and riders and a police escort.
By trade Jolene is a phlebotomist for the BVH system and has been for 16 years. She is married to Roger and has 2 children, 5 grandbabies with on one the way, and has two dogs Riley and Zoe. She loves yard work, shopping, riding their new Harley trike and visiting family and friends. She has been in Findlay for 16 years. Her favorite quote is “Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” Her role model is the Late Susan B Koman.

Bill Wolf Jr.

Wolfie’s Nuts and Bill Wolf Jr. have been landmarks in Findlay since 1992 when he bought out Maggie Phillips and began his adventure with roasting nuts. In 1996 he acquired Totems Nuts and business expanded with better equipment and more space. 1999 came and so did his first website and things literally went “nuts.” (pun intended) Gradually the business boomed to four locations and Bill was stretched to the max. He sold all his stores but one and along with that went the license to use the name Wolfie’s. He currently only runs the Carriage Plaza site but it is quite an operation. He has expanded his business to home brewing supplies for home made beer and ale and for wine making hobbyists also. His nut products have been featured on the Food Network , the Blade, Courier and Better Homes and Garden magazine for their unique way of roasting and coating nuts. They ship to NY, Ohio, Chicago, and KY and have 300 customers in a Nut of the Month club. Sit down with Bill and he can tell you stories of his adventures and Findlay’s over the past 22 years. He is married with 3 children. His motto is “Customers Come First!” His dad and his Uncle Jack have mentored him in life by teaching him lessons of life, to have fun, and to have a good business sense by treating employees well. Stop by and sample the wares or talk shop. My favorite was the Spicy Kakawateez.

Julie Brown

“I have the best job in the world as Program Director of the Community Foundation,” says Julie Brown. She has been with the foundation for 6 years and is responsible for overseeing and processing grants and scholarships and preparing them to go to the Board for approval. The Foundation is funded by endowments and it’s purpose is to “improve the quality of life in Hancock County.” It has been active for 21 years and is going strong. Julie is married to Byron and they have 3 grown children and the “world’s worst beagle, Ike!” In her free time she likes to travel, read and hike and dreams of Montana daily where her daughter lives. She thinks she is almost native as she has lived in Findlay since 1986. Julie graduated with an accounting degree from The Ohio State. Her motto/creed is to “live life through the values of authenticity, integrity, respect and diversity.”
Her parents are her role models as she was blessed with “great parents who are consistently loving and supporting.”