Jennifer Swartzlander

43 boys and girls in the area have Mentors (big brothers/sisters) that spend time weekly with them thanks to a program directed by Jennifer Swartzlander, The Children’s Mentoring Connection of Hancock County. The mentors take them to movies, the park, out for pizza etc. to provide some adult bonding. Jennifer has been there 2 years.Continue reading “Jennifer Swartzlander”

Brenda & Boyd Davis

Brenda and Boyd Davis have lived in Findlay for 28 years and are considered “almost native”. Brenda is a retired teacher from Hardin Northern and Boyd retired from the Ball Co. They are parents of 2 grown children and have 4 grandchildren. They love to travel. They are both cancer survivors and follow the creed:Continue reading “Brenda & Boyd Davis”

Dave Morrow Humans of Findlay

Hi I am Dave. People have asked who is behind this project. I am a transplant to Findlay but my mother was born and raised here. I am married, have 6 children, all grown. I am a retired teacher, EMT and lifelong avid photographer. My favorite creed is “Pay it Forward”. IM me if youContinue reading “Dave Morrow Humans of Findlay”