Rick McGinnis

Rick McGinnis, a Human dedicated to saving exploited Children!!! (Dave note: The news has been busy lately, (and finally), highlighting the efforts of Law Enforcement/US Marshall’s/Prosecutors/Child Advocates who are combining their resources to rescue missing and exploited children locally and throughout the United States. The number of children that vanish and go missing each yearContinue reading “Rick McGinnis”

Flick Triplets

These three young ladies are the youngest Findlayites we have featured. Kami, Keeley and Kiley are identical triplets born just five months ago. Kiley and Keeley weighed just over two pounds and spent two months at UT Children’s hospital. Kami was the smallest and weighed a mere 1.1 pounds and stayed 106 days at theContinue reading “Flick Triplets”

John Calvelage

When John Calvelage first envisioned a gathering place without barriers, and with music he couldn’t have foreseen the success of Coffee Amici. Known as one of the “heartbeats” of Findlay, it is the meeting place for everyone from students and professionals to housewives looking for a good latte or smoothie. It is a safe placeContinue reading “John Calvelage”

Sarah Foltz

Meet Sarah Foltz, the Events Director for the Arts Partnership here in Findlay. Their goal is to educate, enrich and entertain the community with events such as “Boogie on Main”, the Rib-off and the Performing Arts series. She enjoys bringing new events to the community. Sarah is “Oiler Strong”, having graduated in May from theContinue reading “Sarah Foltz”